Culture award to Hannah 2016

Hannah received the culture award in her hometown Falkenberg



”For You” praised by the critics!

Remarkably talented. Skånska Dagbladet

A brilliant great album. Smålänningen

I may well put praise in CAPITALS this time. LIRA

It was not difficult to become good friends with this significant and colorful album. Orkesterjournalen

”For You” is an exciting , swinging and beautifully different plate lively recommended. DIG JAZZ

A pleasure to listen to. JAZZ SPECIAL

Possibly the most acclaimed album this fall. Folkbladet

Culture award to Two Generations!


Release oktober 2015

”Two Generations” which consists of Hannah and Ewan Svensson is now current with their second album on Dragon Records.


NEW VIDEO – Two Generations – Hannah Svensson & Ewan Svensson


A song I wrote few years ago, something totally different from what I´ve done before.




May 4 Kristianstad w. Two Generations
May 3 Landskrona w. Two Generations
April 30 Ystad w. Two Generations
April 27 Malmö, Grand Jazz
April 21 Övik w. Jan Lundgren trio
April 20 Östersuns w. Jan Lundgren trio
April 19 Hudiksvall w. Jan Lundgren trio
April 18 Härnösand w. Jan Lundgren trio
April 17 Sundsvall w. Jan Lundgren trio
April 7 Kristianstad, Aouseum
April 6 Jönköping Hannah Svensson q. w. Håkan Broström
March 25 Västerås Jazzfestival
March 23 Stockholm, Glenn Miller Café 
March 17 Gothenburg, SWEJS
March 17 Kalmar Jazzclub
March 12 Enköping Jazzclub 
feb 10 Copenhagen (DK) La Fontaine w. Jacob Fischer, Mathias Petri, Tom Jensen 
Feb 7 Aneby Jazzclub w. Hannah Svensson Q.
Feb 4 Kungsbacka Jazzclub w. Two Generations




They Call it Stormy Monday – Ewan & Hannah Svensson

Joey Alexander Trio w. Hannah Svensson, The Standard Copenhagen

Hannah Svensson @ Jazzens Museum 2014


Photo: Lars Wallenäs

Photo: Lars Wallenäs

Photo: Pelle Lundberg

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

Photo:  Goran James Djordjervic

”It is her boldly articulate phrasing in combination with her warm and beautiful voice, together with a sublime sense of timing that has made hannah svensson a distinguished top vocal artist in a short amount of time.”

Leif Domnerus, OrkesterJournalen

”Hannah phrases with involving intimacy and tempered exuberance in a programme which includes a wealth of freshly cast classics as well as further characterful Svensson/Castle original: She has good enuncuation and swing, scats judiciously and generally complements the intelligently apportioned wealth of her fathers consistently engaging figures to lovley, space-sensitive effect.”

Michael Tucker, Jazz Journal

”In ”What a little moonlight can do”, Hannah Svensson clarified which mature singer she already is. Swimmingly with her clear powerful voice that filled the concert hall.”

Lasse Fagerberg, Blekinge tidning

”Hannah steps straight into the elite among jazz singers”

Rolf Haglund/BT

”She is, in other words, a jazz singer in the very highest Swedish division.”

J. Olsson/DIGmusic

”I was also delighted by the Quartets songbird, the extremely talented Hannah Svensson. Hannah is a pure jazz singer with an amazing voice, a lovely rhythmic perception and an impressive personality. You will definitely hear about her in the future. So remember her name!”

Jan Olsson, Skånskan.se

”She is a singer with control, intonation and lyric interpretation that make her worth following.”

Doug Ramsey, Rifftides
”In short, she sings wonderfully. 

Bengt Eriksson, Ystad Allehanda

”It is about musical perfection, each note feels well-placed”

Björn Schullerquist, Bohusläningen

”The evening’s soloist, Hannah Svensson, demonstrated fantastic interpretation skills and excellent voice resources.”

Nils Svensson, Dagen.se

”And when ”People get ready” starts it feels like Eva Cassidy and Pat Metheny are meeting in Hässleholm.”

Henrik Bergkvist, Metro

“Hannah Svensson’s sweet voice made me see the pride of jazz.”

Joel Jonsson, 14 dagar.se



Hannah Svensson was born and raised in Falkenberg on Sweden’s west coast. Brought up in a stimulating musical environment with mainly jazz influences, she became interested in music early on. At the age of nine she started taking piano lessons and eventually guitar lessons as well.

Without any ambitions to be a singer, Seventeen-year-old Hannah heard Eva Cassidy singing for the first time and was touched to tears and her interest in singing took off. Hannah made her first singing performance at a cousin’s wedding one year later and there would be many more to come. Apparentley Hannah has been lucky under her upbringing. Her father Ewan Svensson is a renowed jazz guitarist and has been a great source of inspiration.

At the age of twenty-one Hannah began to sing in her own group “Hannah & Acoustic 3” in which her father also played guitar. One of the band members was very successful in booking engagements for the group, resulting in a busy touring schedule around Sweden. This gave Hannah good routine and provided the best school of experience for her.

After having lived in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Hannah has now made her home in Malmo, Sweden. During this time she has released two CDs and worked with, among others, Niels Lan Doky, Jan Lundgren, Alvin Queen, Svante Thuresson and many other prominent musicians.

Hannah creates her own unique sound through her spontaneous personality, powerful expression and clear phrasing thus conveying the lyrics to the audience in a clear and powerful way.

2006: At the age of 20 she become the artist of the week in Swedish Radio P4.

2007: She started to diligently toured Sweden with the group ”Hannah & Acoustic 3”

2009: Her first album ”The Sunflower” was produced by her father, Ewan Svensson. Performed in Sweden with Hannah & Acoustic 3

2010: Hannah was awarded the Olof von Dalin prize in Halmstad, Sweden with the motivation: ”…for her ability to through musicality and determination develop her artistic talent” Hannah was also discovered by the Swedish actor and drummer Janne ”Loffe” Carlsson and become a member of ”Janne Loffe Carlsson & friends”. She started ”Hannah Svensson & Per Ödberg duo” with guitarist Per Ödberg.

2012: New constellation Two Generations (Hannah & Ewan Svenssonand) release of the new CD ”Some favorite things”
Great succes at a.o. Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, Kristianstad Jazz Festival.

2013: Hannah receives a scholarship from the Society ”Stallbröderna” in April 2013! doors open and performance at Skansen, Kungsträdgården, Cornelisdagen, Jazzfestivals etc. Summertour with Jan Lundgren. Recording New CD for Volenza AB.

2014: Release of the new CD ”Each Little Moment” (Volenza rec.) Discovered by pianist Niels Lan Doky and had her Denmark-debut at the jazz club ”The Standard” in Copenhagen. Debuts at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Concerts w. Ira Coleman, Alvin Queen, Harry Allen, Niels Lan Doky Trio a.o. Hannah receives a scholarship from  SWEJS Swedish Jazz Society. 

2015:Release of CD ”For You”  Two Generations, Two Generations also receives a scholarship ”Hallands nyheters culture award”  Became President for Falkenberg Jazzdays in her hometown Falkenberg. 

2016: Receives the culture award in her hometown Falkenberg. 



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